Gift Your Mom One Of These Spring Perfumes For Mother’s Day

Gift Your Mom One Of These Spring Perfumes For Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day around the corner, getting the right gift for the most special woman in your life can be tough. However nothing beats the aromatic pleasures of a beautiful bouquet of spring perfumes. Check out these great gift ideas that Mama would love! 

COVID has forced us to examine how can we express our identity, given that we must wear masks and engage in physical distancing. Aside from beautifying the eyes, fragrance is another means to communicate our hidden selves. It is a fantastic gift for our mothers who are so much more… they are also daughters, friends, lovers, professionals, and a carefully selected fragrance can help them say what they sometimes are too shy to show.


The main trend for Spring 2021 is florals with a twist. These fragrances do not evoke pastoral settings, instead they open the door to mystery and sensuality. The following six fragrances embrace the complexities of being a woman, and when you present any of them to your mother, you are acknowledging her full self, and helping her step out from her auntie-dom.

Philosophy Amazing Grace Jasmine is the newest member of the Amazing Grace collection.  At my initial spritz, I started to be slowly transported back to my aunt’s gardens in Allahabad.  At first whiff you are awakened by the refreshing bergamot, and then as the fragrance unfolds on the wrists the unmistakable scent of jasmine reveals itself.  However, this jasmine is tempered by the warmth of coconut water, so the mid-note is far from cloying and somewhat soothing.  The fragrance settles into a musk blend, which is soft and sensual, perfect for a woman whose style is subtle and classic.

Serge Lutens is a legend in the fragrance world who creates works of arts with each scent that he bestows upon us.  The bottles are clean cut and classic, but the exotic ingredients, imaginative combinations and intriguing names, suggest that if your mother is a rule breaker who harbours her own artistic ambitions, then this line is worth an exploration.

The newest fragrance, La Dompteuse encagée (literally the encaged tamer), is described by the Lutens in these words, “From this cold girl disguised in white, I can assume everything. However, from this feared snow, I can feel an avalanche coming. The whiteness of the flower doesn’t say anything of the freshness of the flower, the scent of frangipane takes care of this. Subtly almondy, to taste directly from the skin.”

At first whiff, I was lulled into a white floral mystery and within 15 minutes I could not stop sniffing my wrists because they smelled like confetti, the sweet almond candy that are distributed at Italian weddings. My experience was confirmed by the notes of the fragrance which are Fangipani Blossom Accord, Almond Notes and Ylang-ylang.

The house of Guerlain is legendary as it is has created iconic fragrances such as Samsara and Shalimar. It is also behind the Aqua Allegoria collection which are refreshing eaux de toilette that energise the mind and celebrate nature. Each fragrance focusses on a particular scent and is housed in the iconic bottle which has a round gold cap and beehive cover. The bottle soft curves  and Moorish touches would beautify any vanity.

From the moment I spritz on Flora Salvaggia, I am lifted by the mix of wildflowers and watermelon and love how it settles into a soft powdery combination of iris and violet.  If your mom loves freshly cut flowers and is feeling stressed by the pandemic, this fragrance will lift her mood.  It is an unabashed floral but never cloying, just freeing.

If your mother appreciated the beauty styles of the late, great, Sridevi and unforgettable Kimi Katkar then Victoria’s Secret Bombshell collection is ideal.  The clear octagon-shaped bottle topped with a clear, rectangular cap and a playful lace shawl on the neck, is modern and forthright.

The limited-edition  Bombshell Beach transports you to warmer climes and sandy landscapes with its heavenly combination of sparkling grapefruit, lily of the valley and black currant.  It is classified as a fruity floral, and after such a grey winter, this lively fragrance may be the spritz your mom needs to carry her into the summer.


If your mother does not like florals, I have two suggestions:

Atelier Cologne Lemon Island uses the lemons of Rodrigues Island which is located in the Indian Ocean.  It also includes lemongrass, jasmine from India and vanilla from Madagascar.  The fragrance plays between the acidity of lemon and the warmth of vanilla which permits its wearer to trapeze along the lines of a lovely tart dessert that is softened by cream.

Maison Margiela Bubble Bath is as its name suggests, emits a fresh soapy scent.  It is relaxing and I love that it uses a “soft flower” such as Freesia to seduce its wearer.  `the fragrance continues its easy ride with Sambac jasmine from India, infusion of Egyptian jasmine and rose, before settling into an earthy-fruity combination of oak moss peach and cedar wood.


The aforementioned fragrances confirm that this gift is one of art because the combinations are imaginative and evocative.  If you are uncertain about your mother’s fragrance preferences or she has never worn fragrance, I suggest that you follow these steps:

In a COVID world, it is safe to stay at home and shop online;

Given that you cannot smell fragrances online ask yourself these questions:

When I think of mom, what scent comes to mind?

What is mom’s favourite treat? If she loves rice pudding, then you should explore gourmand scents which contain vanilla.  Remember that taste and smell are closely linked senses;

Does your mom have a signature scent? If yes, check if there are flanks to the scent.  She may enjoy receiving a shower gel that complements her fragrance or a new interpretation of her beloved scent;

If you venture out to the stores, ask for samples, and present them to your mom. It may ruin the surprise, but she will likely have fun spritzing the fragrances and will enjoy knowing in advance that she will love her gift.


This blog is in part inspired by own mother whose love for fragrance has never waned, even in the bleakest of times.  A single spritz changes her mood, helps her to remember happy times and enhance her look.  Fragrance molecules are magical because they work with the heart, leaving the mind’s logic in the dust.  Frankly, sometimes we just need to feel who we are, rather than just know.

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