Ford created a gas-scented fragrance for electric car drivers | Fox News

Ford created a gas-scented fragrance for electric car drivers | Fox News

The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E is the automaker’s first purpose-built electric car and a very different kind of pony. Fox News Autos Editor Gary Gastelu reports.

Apparently that new car smell just isn’t the same for some electric car customers.

Ford has developed a gasoline-scented fragrance for EV owners to help them make the transition to battery-power.

The Mach-Eau GT was unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in England, where Ford is showing off its electric Mustang Mach-E. Company CEO Jim Farley even took a racing version of the car for a run up the venue’s hill climb course.

Ford conducted a survey asking people what they’d miss about internal combustion engine vehicles and 70% said gasoline, Autoevolution reported.

“Judging by our survey findings, the sensory appeal of petrol cars is still something drivers are reluctant to give up. The Mach Eau fragrance is designed to give them a hint of that fuel-fragrance they still crave. It should linger long enough for the GT’s performance to make any other doubts vaporize too,” Ford spokesman Jay Ward said.

The concoction doesn’t actually contain any petroleum, but “is designed to please the nose of any wearer; a high-end fragrance that fuses smoky accords, aspects of rubber and even an ‘animal’ element to give a nod to the Mustang heritage,” according to Ward.


Unfortunately for gas guzzlers, it’s also not for sale, but was created purely as a promotion. (Well, that … stinks.)

The Mach-E does have a feature that tries to help with the transition from muscle cars to silent electric power, however. The car is equipped with a system that plays a digitally-created audio track inspired by the rumble and exhaust of an internal combustion engine powertrain that has a loud setting labeled “Unbridled,” but can also be turned off.

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