Dog almost dies from sniffing fragrance – so owner opens natural scents shop – Mirror Online

Dog almost dies from sniffing fragrance - so owner opens natural scents shop - Mirror Online

When Tim Rundle-Wood moved into his new flat, he decided to put out a couple of reed diffusers to give the place a fresh aroma.

But to the 40-year-old’s horror, his dog Henry took a sniff and was immediately taken ill suffering from what turned out to be inhalation toxicity.

Vets rushed to his aid and managed to save him but blamed the synthetic chemicals in the reeds for likely causing the reaction.

The whole horrible episode shook Tim but also got him thinking. Speaking to us as part of our ongoing series with payments provider Square – who provide the technology Tim uses to run his business – he explains: “I discovered that companies are allowed to hide almost 6000 chemicals under words like ‘fragrance’, ‘parfum’ and ‘aroma’.

“I also discovered that not all these chemicals are even fragrance related, with some contributing to addictive qualities and many others being potentially toxic to pets and small children – I felt that this was wrong. So, after experimenting with blending essential oils, Twoodle Co Natural Home Scents was born.”

Tim’s company has gone from strength to strength since launching – initially selling at markets, a pop-up shop and online before soaring sales allowed him to open a London shop.

Tim has now quit his original job working in retail to run his own business full time – which he says had been ‘a life-long dream’.

He explains: “I literally started making my products on the kitchen table at home! After months of creating and testing all my natural scent blends, I launched Twoodle Co: Natural Home Scents online in July 2018.

“In the summer of 2019 I took part in a three month pop up shop project in collaboration with Square and Enterprise Nation in Manchester and Cardiff. This helped me test my idea for having a ‘bakery of candles’, where customers can come into the store and watch the products being handmade in front of them.

“In August 2020, I fully realised this dream, opening the first permanent Twoodle Co store on 10 Cheshire Street in Shoreditch, London – just off Brick Lane. The front half of the store is a shop and back half is a workshop, where customers can watch our candles and more being handmade.”

Square helps millions of businesses like Tim’s globally – from secure card processing to point of sale solutions to setting up free online stores.

Tim and his team have found Square to be a genuine all-in-one retail solution which has helped to increase the company’s competitive advantage. He says: “Not that long ago, independent retailers like me could only dream of this kind of set up, with the big retail players able to invest millions to get this kind of reporting power in the past and with Square, it’s now all there and free for everyone to use.

“This means we have very detailed data to help make important choices when it comes buying decisions for example, data that previously would have been a slow and arduous job to get and was often inaccurate. One big advantage of being a small business is being able to adapt quickly and make business decisions without having to wade through red tape. The quicker the decision can be made and implemented, the bigger the advantage!”

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