The Ultimate Guide To 19 Natural Perfume & Aromatherapy Brands

The Ultimate Guide To 19 Natural Perfume & Aromatherapy Brands

Do you know what traditional candles are made of? – Paraffin wax is the bottom of the barrel of petroleum. So when paraffin wax candles burn, they release toxic air contaminants which are similar to diesel. No jokes. APOTHENNE Los Angles comes up with a healthier, more eco-friendly solution: Soy wax candles mixed with premium essential oils that are 100% free of preservatives, additives, dyes, parabens, petroleum, and phthalates. Each of their candles is mindfully hand-poured in their small LA studio.

UK’s first certified award-winning organic health and beauty brand: NYR Organic is a true sustainability pioneer. Create your perfect moment with their 100% organic pure essential oils that have mood-enhancing, reviving, relaxing abilities. NYR Organic uses the highest possible percentage of organic ingredients, ethically sourced herbs and botanicals that are free from harmful chemicals. All products are handcrafted at their eco-factory in Dorset, England.

Heat, smoke, cactus, and cowboys. The natural perfume house from Texas presents five signature perfumes that are timeless and genderless. From floral scents to androgynous classics. To compose these unique formulas BOYDS OF TEXAS FRAGRANCES sources the highest natural ingredients from all over the world. Compared to conventional perfume brands, BOYDS OF TEXAS FRAGRANCES spends around 8-15 times more on developing the actual scents! Their candles are soy-based and poured by hand in their studio in San Antonio, Texas.

Scents that capture the beauty of Scandinavia; its flora, climate, regions, and peoples. The authentic fragrances are curated by a French perfumer, a Danish gardener, and an Englishman who travel together across the Nordic region and draw their inspiration from their unique impressions. The candles are all made from wax, extracted from the yellow rapeseed fields of Sweden.

Combining Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, THE NUE CO offers healing fragrances with different functions and clinically proven results. Scents that make you feel more relaxed, calm, and at peace. All formulas are free from toxic preservatives, additives, flavorings, and sweeteners with responsibly sourced ingredients.

Aroma can enhance your mood, relax you, and take you back to memories. By diffusing different essential oils in your space, you can create different environments around you. For founders and siblings Sara and Sean Panton it was important to use non-toxic, all-natural,  organic, vegan, cruelty-free, 100% pure essential oils that keep a healthy mind and a healthy body.

COQUI COQUI PERFUMES’ fragrances are inspired by tropical regions, especially by Yucatan which has a centuries-old history of perfume production. Their scents are timeless, raw and elegant, for individual, bold and sophisticated wearers. COQUI COQUI PERFUMES also offers a range of other products such as hand-poured scented candles made from a mix of vegetable wax and beeswax.

Good scents crafted by world-class perfumers with clean ingredients that won’t harm your skin or the planet. PHLUR blends both botanicals (natural) and synthetics that are considered natural identicals because they’re exactly the same as what’s found in nature and safe for skin. Each PHLUR candle is carefully poured by hand using sustainable vegetable wax.

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