The Ghost in the Shell by Etat Libre d’Orange | Perfume Posse

The Ghost in the Shell by Etat Libre d'Orange | Perfume Posse

Hi Posse. Let’s talk about a FABULOUS title for perfume. WOW! The Ghost in the Shell is amazing. Long and kind of embarrassing to say if you are asked but a serious head turner of a name. You probably wouldn’t wear this to mass, temple or mosque anyway. Kinda cool for funerals though? Too soon? Lately ELdO have beeb doing some interesting stuff. I really love Spice Must Flow and have continued wearing it into warmer weather, which is a surprise.

From ELdO: Ghost in the Shell, a perfume that speaks of the human phenomenon and its paradox, a perfume to wear on oneself ab libitum, at one’s pleasure. A perfume as a propagation towards the other, that makes you the axis and the arrow of evolution; modern, indeed! From the bottom of the matter, rise up.” – Etienne de Swardt 

GOSH! That seems like a bunch of random words thrown on a page. Like the Brad Pitt CHANEL No 5 commercial. Hard tp type or sniff perfume with your head so far up your own ass I suppose.

The Ghost in the Shell by Etat Libre d’Orange

Fragrantica gives thee featured accords:
Top: Aqual™, Yuzu HE, Hexyl Acetate (MANE Biotech)
Heart: Jasmin absolute, Mugane™, Milky Skin Accord
Base: Moss Accord, Vinyl Gaiacol (MANE Biotech), Orcanox™

OOH! It’s slightly aquatic on open, no it’s definitely aquatic, A citrus/floral/aquatic. The Ghost in the Shell is running cold water in a stainless steel sink as it opens but some very pretty puffs of white flowers distracts that sense quite early on. Within five minutes we get some warming, yes, the note list nails it. Milky skin, sun warmed, smooth and youthful with a soft bronzing. Sadly this section doesn’t last long enough. I wanted to kind of immerse myself here for a while, it’s so beautiful. Ah! The excitement of its arrival only has a couple of minutes before some vaguely industrial warehouse smell intrudes and takes us in another direction.

The Ghost in the Shell is a strange bird. OMG! That’s exactly what the heart of this smells like. The soft, powdery feel of a downy feather found on the seashore. As it dries and becomes fluffy it retains hints of the sea and the living bird it came from. Interesting linkages in my brain.

After this, about 30-40 minutes in the fragrance collapses into a whisper. It’s a very safe, dark woody nothing that seems utterly inoffensive and barely there. You are still fragrant, and it’s nice, but it’s just a slightly sweet skin scent with hints of wood. Better in silage that up close sniffing.

Totally unisex. Excellent longevity and very low sillage after an hour. Introverted fragrance.

My decant came from Surrender To Chance.

I’m wondering who among you might wear The Ghost In The Shell?
Portia xx

Perfume Love for Everyone!

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