The Best 10 Wedding Perfumes You’re Sure To Love: Scentbird

The Best 10 Wedding Perfumes You're Sure To Love: Scentbird

Are you still looking for the one? From demure to downright sexy, we’ve rounded up ten wedding perfumes that are the perfect match for the 3,517 receptions you’re attending this season and the next.  

What makes these picks the perfect wedding perfumes?

When shopping for the best wedding perfume, there are a few factors you want to take into consideration. First and foremost, start with the season. Fall and winter allow for rich, heavy concoctions which may be too bold and intense in the summer heat. Spring and summer weddings are the perfect opportunities to let your aquatic or citrus-forward perfume shine as brightly as your outfit. The florals? Consider them a fragrant carte blanche. 

Next is the venue. A classical venue like a manor house wedding calls for a classical yet sensuously modern little number, while a beach wedding would be a perfect opportunity for you to wear something playful and sexy. 

Below, find our pick of the best wedding perfumes that will help you relive those happily ever after memories in a whiff.

Amazing Grace Ballet Rose by philosophy

Like bottling up a bouquet of just-picked roses, philosophy has done it again with Amazing Grace Ballet Rose. Delicate rose twirls with peony, lychee, and musk in scent meant for slow dancing and long, dreamy nights. Pick this one for a romantic wedding at sunset. 


Bayahibe rose, the national flower of the Dominican Republic is actually the blossom of a cactus plant and the top note of the Nateeva scent. Delicious berries blend with grapefruit, softened by sandalwood stay in the background as the cactus rose enchants everyone with its unique aroma.


Giulietta by Tocca

Petal-powered and musky, this one opens with green apple and warm woodsy undertones. It’s sensual and airy, inspired by the love story between Federico Fellini and actress Giulietta Masina. It’s a gorgeous, mysterious scent with aromatic green apple, lilac, and spicy and warm musk accord that makes it a perfect beach wedding scent.

Elixir Pour Femme by Roja Parfums

Rose, jasmine, and juicy raspberry mingle with cashmere wood and vanilla to create a powdery and femme-forward perfume. A hint of spices gives it a flirty edge, which makes Elixir Pour Femme our top pick for a beach-chic wedding at sunset. 

Live Colorfully Sunshine by kate spade new york

The most vivacious scent in our edit, Live Colorfully Sunshine seduces with a mix of violet leaf, vanilla, and mandarin orange. White woods, honey, and soft musk elevate the scent’s velvety base. Dewy and fresh, we love this Kate Spade New York number for a late afternoon  ‘I do” outside. 

Leis by Regime des Fleurs

Petal-powered and super-exotic, Leis was inspired by pua kini kini, Hawaiian for “perfume tree flower” the intensely fragrant white flower woven into ceremonial lei necklaces. Add lush jasmine sambac, frangipani, and tuberose and you get the perfect little number to spray for a low-key luau.

Moscow Mule by Juliette Has A Gun

Boho nuptials? Try Moscow Mule by Juliette Has A Gun. Ginger and sandalwood are probably not the first notes that come to mind when you think of romance, but this brew by Juliette Has A Gun is so tempting and fun, with zesty notes and woody accords, that you’ll have a hard time saving this for special occasions only.


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