The 10 Best Rose Perfumes In Our Catalog

The 10 Best Rose Perfumes In Our Catalog

Absolutely the best rose perfumes, in one place

Ever since the ancient Persians started to fill their water fountains with rose petals, we’ve been transfixed by the beauty of the rose perfumes (btw, we need those fountains re-instated in the 21st century asap). We love jasmine, tuberose, peony, lily-of-the-valley as much as the next floral stan, but sometimes we cannot help but think: “Would a perfume spotlighting any other flower smell so sweet and good?” The answer is always a resounding “no”. 

Between their inviting, soft yet narcotic scent, revitalizing properties, and sense-bewitching powers, rose perfumes are the go-to for rekindling the flame of femininity and self-love. Our love for rose perfumes stems deep, so we can vax poetics for hours, or we can round up the best rose perfumes ever known to Scentbird and let the rose love bloom over. And for the naysayers, no, these rose perfumes do not come associated with nostalgic grandmas and great-great aunts wearing floral gowns. The “mature” rose perfume has gotten a 21st-century make-over, and it’s lush, inviting, but never immature. Trust us on this one. Or rather all of these ten perfumes. 

10 of the best rose perfumes, coming right up

If you’re on the hunt for a serious crowd-pleaser that’ll turn heads and get you countless compliments, call off the search party, because this is it. With a fresh bouquet of rose absolute and orchid amplified by a spicy mix of black pepper, leather, and patchouli, Hellyrose is the scented ode to the groupies of the Los Angeles music scene of the 1970s, together with the heavy glam-makeup and the romantic lyrics. 

If you’re a fan of uber-romantic scents (who isn’t?) you’ll love this Floris London’s coupling of roses and amber. Amber is soft, bewitching, and the rose is fresh and assertive. Combined with a dash of incense, oud, and vanilla, the scent is uniquely feminine without being overpowering. 

Disclaimer: Be prepared for every person to ask you what you’re wearing. Yes, it’s that good. I mean, it must be, when we’ve included it in this best rose perfumes of all times article, right?

This feminine blend is a sensual and sparkling combination of a bouquet of roses, elegant fresh bergamot, and an added hint of saffron.

It’s a mellow warm spicy scent that would work beautifully across spring and summer paired with sundowners at the golden hour, but the soft sweet touch of orris root and tolu balsam warms it up for winter.

Sweet Bloom is a sensuous blend of juicy notes, woods, and rose. Soft, fresh, and alluring, the fragrance strips down to the bare essentials. Inspired by silky notes gliding on nude skin, this Badgley Mischka number is you at your best— undressed. 

Ethereal juicy and citrus notes mark the opening, while the predominantly floral trio of peony, magnolia, and rose bloom at the heart of the fragrance. Smooth sandalwood and unique driftwood set just the right tone for the final seduction that lingers on nude skin, adding to the bare mystique of the fragrance itself. It’s a story of timid femininity turned into lust, told note by note. 

Though it sounds cliche, Kensie is the type of girl you notice immediately when she walks into a room. She makes a major impact on contact — the burst of Turkish rose and mandarine is the first thing you’ll notice, and as the scent adjusts to your skin, bold peach nectar and jasmine give the floral fragrance a sensual warmth. 

As for the girl Kensie epitomizes, this is the kind of girl you can take anywhere. She’s fun for a night out, the perfect wingwoman for a first date, and is always the first person with bold, new ideas at the office. Truly, she can do it all, so it’s no wonder we’ve named her in our edit of the best rose perfumes ever. 

More of the best rose perfumes, right this way

Sparkling with life and romance, this perfume is a small “scented bomb” loaded with romance and positive energy. The opening is an effervescent fruity assortment of notes: Italian mandarin, pink grapefruit, wild strawberry, and blackberry, coming out of the bottle like stardust illuminated in midair. 

The heart reveals an unrestrainable scent of full-bodied life where flowers, most notably rose take centerstage. It’s what makes it earn its place in this roundup of the best rose perfumes.

The sensual drydown of glowing amber, cashmere woods, amaro liquor, sandalwood, and Indonesian patchouli anchor the scent, creating a sensual language for a scent that is used to communicate when the words are obsolete.

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