Sisley-Paris d’Ornano Rose: A Bloom of Sophistication – Scentbird Perfume and Cologne Blog

Sisley-Paris d'Ornano Rose: A Bloom of Sophistication - Scentbird Perfume and Cologne Blog

A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but the d’Ornano rose in particular has an added allure due to its unique heirloom backstory. 

Countess Isabelle d’Ornano, the co-founder of the Sisley-Paris powerhouse, spent part of her childhood roaming the vast gardens of her home in Lancut Castle, Poland. Amid the various florets that permeated the air, she was particularly drawn to a rose that blooms only once for two weeks in late May, enchanting the air with its hypnotic aroma. 

When she moved to France with her dreams and inspirations, she brought along seeds from her favorite childhood rose and planted them on the vast d’Ornano Loire Valley estate, the fragrant memento of her idyllic memories.

Once in full bloom, the Countess would pick the roses and arrange them in every corner of her home on the Left Bank. She would also make bouquets and give them to closest friends, who lovingly named the buds the d’Ornano rose. 

Countess Isabelle had an urge to create a perfume that would portray her and distill her essence in a single drop. Since all of her happiest memories are steeped in d’Ornano rose petals, she decided to use the aroma of the rose buds as the leitmotif of the fragrance she named Izia, her nickname in Polish. 

Not your average floral perfume, Izia is modern, sophisticated, and lavish, not unlike an intricate gown worn on a red carpet. Calabrian bergamot crackles when paired with pink peppercorn, the grand opening for the centerpiece spotlighted by d’Ornano rose and floral garlands. The drydown is mellow, soft, charming, with amber and musk cocooned in love. 

Once a scent that was available for fleeting two weeks in spring, Izia now bestows us with the rose’s majestic accords throughout the year, on a whim. 

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