Prosody London Lantern Reed Review (Keshen Teo) + Four Seasons in a Day Draw – ÇaFleureBon Perfume Blog

Prosody London Lantern Reed Review (Keshen Teo) + Four Seasons in a Day Draw - ÇaFleureBon Perfume Blog

Prosody London Lantern Reed by Samantha©

“Prosody is an old English word that means ‘the rhythm and structure of poetry.’ We felt it a fitting name for a maker of perfumes, as perfume too has its rhythms, rhymes, harmonies and surprises.” –Keshen Teo

Perfumer Keshen Teo courtesy of Keshen Teo

Prosody London is a forward-thinking sustainable and all-natural perfume house based in England (all eau de perfumes and colognes are composed by Keshen Teo who is based in London). Since they launched in 2018, their aim has been that their perfumes and colognes can sit alongside beloved classics whilst retaining their eco-friendly core values. With ingredients that are 100% natural and 95% certified organic, Keshen Teo creates charming and evocative fragrances whilst both nurturing and celebrating nature’s exquisite beauty. They have succeeded in the best possible way.

Maximilen Luce Port of London 1894

Although inspired by the countryside of East Asia, to me, Prosody London Lantern Reed is a love letter to London, ancient and modern, along with its capricious weather. London is city where you can experience four seasons in one day, and Lantern Reed encapsulates them all, like an olfactory tour guide. A radiant morning along the embankment is captured with dazzling bergamot and grapefruit: an almost effervescent beginning that shines as brightly as a spring dawn.  The citrus moves seamlessly into silky lemon grass, both sharp and aromatic. Lemon grass builds an unusual bridge into elegant orris and peony, as spring turns to summer. The floral notes peek through flirtatiously, announcing blue skies and fluffy clouds in this city of enviable green spaces. Inevitably, Autumn gently beckons as grasses dry and lose their greenery.

Lighting London’s last gaslights image from The Guardian©

Earthy vetiver takes over the story, leading you down a dark Dickensian alleyway as the light, and the mood, begin to change. Incense adds an enigmatic December mist: smoky, aromatic and spiced like midwinter toddies. Vanilla warms and welcomes like the golden glow of ancient lamplight as myrrh adds a festive touch. Your London journey is complete, through all four seasons. There is a quintessentially comforting quality to Lantern Reed. It captures the finest qualities of this most magical of cities, where you can pass the silver flanks of The Shard skyscraper and a medieval church that witnessed thirty-six monarchs, all within a short stroll. It evokes spring along the embankment and winter down Victorian alleyways with walls full of secrets that still bear their ancient gas lamps.

 Still from the film Notting Hill by Richard Curtis

If you’ve ever seen the Richard Curtis film Notting Hill, you may recall that iconic scene where Hugh Grant walks though Portobello Road as the seasons change around him. If I had a time machine, I would have inveigled myself onto the set and scented him with Prosody London Lantern Reed.

Notes: Grapefruit, bergamot, lemongrass, peony, orris, vetiver, myrrh, vanilla

Disclaimer: I was sent a bottle of Prosody London Lantern Reed by the UK office. Opinions are my own.

-Senior Contributor. Samantha Scriven of iscentyouaday

Thanks to the generosity of Prosody London and Prosody London USA, we have a 50ml bottle of Lantern Reed Eau de Parfum for one registered reader in the UK or USA. You must register here or your comment will not count. To be eligible, please leave a comment saying what you enjoyed most about Samantha’s review, if you have favourite Prosody London fragrance or one you would like to try (your comment will count twice if you!!!)  and where you live. Draw closes 7/23/2021

Great News! Prosody London is now carried in the USA by Indigo Perfumery here

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