Petroleum by Histoires de Parfums | Perfume Posse

Petroleum by Histoires de Parfums | Perfume Posse

Hi Posse, Weird assed perfumes only perfumistas could love? Yes please. I have a bunch of the here. Mostly they don’t get much wear but get brought out for sniffs and at-home journeys. It feels like a luxury to own these crazy, confrontational, surprising oddities. One of my faves is HdPs Petroleum. Who doesn’t stand at the bowser sniffing deeply of the fumes as we fill our cars? I remember the smell of 2 stroke from the lawn mower too. All the things used to clean paint brushes are another strange sniffing pleasure. I’m so cuckoo for the smell of burning fossil fuels that I even open my windows after a bus belches. Yep, loopy.

Petroleum by Histoires de Parfums

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Agarwood (Oud), Aldehydes, Bergamot
Heart: Amber, Rose
Base: Civetta, Leather, Patchouli, Musk

Firstly, to avoid disappointment, Petroleum doesn’t smell EXACTLY like it. It’s a fantasy recreation. It’s uncanny though what a correlation my nose and brain make smelling it. After 2 minutes a prettier, less toxic version. That first blast though. AMAZING!! Oud and oily aldehydes over birchy tar and all backed by a very animalic amber.

My nose tells me the heart has white flowers or bulb flowers and roses but I see no mention in the notes. The birch/leather softens beautifully through the heart, becoming very suede like.

If you are someone who loves freaky scents and gets a rush out of that hit then Petroleum should be on your radar. One of the really wonderful things about it is the first 30-40 minutes are outrageous. Then it softens and mellows to a very elegant, corporate friendly Cuir de Russe style dry down. Still dark and brooding but in a comfortable, wearable coat of armour way.

After an hour projection is moderate. Longevity is excellent, I can smell whiffs of musky amber base next morning from a single arm spritz.

HdP are such an unsung house nowadays. Here are some other posts I’ve written about them on Perfume Posse: Veni, 1969, Ambre 114. March also talks about another fave of mine Tubereuse 3 L’Animale.

Surrender To Chance has samples if you’d like to try it.

Is there a Histoires de Parfums fragrance that blows your skirt? Could Petroleum be the one?
Portia xx

Perfume Love for Everyone!

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