Musicology The Rose Review (Nathalie Lorson) + Kosmic Petals of Love Giveaway – ÇaFleureBon Perfume Blog

Musicology The Rose Review (Nathalie Lorson) + Kosmic Petals of Love Giveaway - ÇaFleureBon Perfume Blog

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I first discovered Musicology last year and was immediately struck by how impactful the creations were. Expressing each perfume as a symphony and scent as the melody, Founder and Creative Director Fabien Boukobza and Master Perfumer Nathalie Lorson have collaborated to bring across the harmony of music and scent.  Each perfume in the collection has distinct notes accords and melodies that once spritzed connect with the air to produce a vehicle that transports one into a synesthesia that people can relate directly to… Joy. The ephemeral state that connects perfume and music.

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Musicology The Rose represents the cosmic petals of love and was inspired by Janis Joplin the  iconic American singer / song writer known for her powerful vocals and electric stage presence.  It is a fragrance that delivers a thrill of excitement whilst sublimating a trail that renders one mesmerised by its intoxicating sultriness.  Damascena rose is front and centre as the main protagonist surrounded by luscious fruity and sensual floral notes.  Musicology The Rose is a perfume that communicates the message that first impressions last.

Fabien Boukobza and Nathalie Lorson Collage (Musicology & Firmenich)©

 Nathalie Lorson is known for creating perfumes which appear simple but have an underlying complexity.  Here she blends raspberry pulp and peony with the Damascena rose in an opening which is high octane and vivacious.  This creates an excitement one compares to witnessing a festival in full flow.  The cacophony of scent, beats and dance creates an atmospheric excitement.  As the perfume hits the air you are hit with a lush quality as it whirls around you in tones of bright red and pink hues.  The sweetness has a laser-like essence that fires the senses straight to your heart.  This is a vibrant perfume that announces itself on stage with a dramatic presence.

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As it mingles with the skin, Musicology The Rose produces a sultry and beautiful effect.  You are both wrapped up in the warmth of the composition whilst being drawn deeply to the central ingredient.  This rose is dynamic and luscious; it captures a rose at the peak of bloom which is akin to the drum beat that sets the tone of music; transfixing and dominant.  Summer festivals were a constant in my youth especially during the 90’s and this perfume takes me back to times of happiness attending Creamfields in Winchester on a bright day.  There was excitement in the air and a throng of collective positivity which brought people together.  The heart of The Rose reflects this period of my life. The use of violet brings a soft and fuzzy nuance to the scent reminiscent of the uplifting scene of the time.

I smile when recollecting friends and new acquaintances nodding in approval and smiling at the incoming moment of a tune newly experienced and deftly mixed into our consciousness.  This is exactly how I feel this fragrance acts.  The blend is smooth and transitions delightfully. That moment in its purest form is complete euphoria and a communal understanding beyond words.  Musicology The Rose filters into one’s senses the same way. It is a promise of happiness. Vanilla glides effortlessly into our awareness and produces lashings of further sweetness and brings us deep into gourmand territory.

The sensuality of The Rose comes to the fore in the base as we are encased in a mélange of white woods.  Whilst not listed, there is a creamy aspect present which I identify with sandalwood, this creates a sway and flow to the scent, which delves down to relaxation and tenderness.  I relate this experience to taking time to converse and chill with friends and imbibe the surrounding open air.  Connecting with both nature and company.  The magic of Perfumer Nathalie Lorson here is evident.  Her talent in creating a scent with a clear signature but with such interesting accompanying notes that harmonise with ease is incredibly special. To produce that special feeling of positivity and allure at once is an achievement.

Musicology The Rose is the kind of fragrance that precedes you but also leaves a lasting trail. Here is a multifaceted and distinctive rose perfume that is unlike any other I have tried, it maneuverers from statement maker to endearing which is rare. Truly a gourmand floral which is a promise of love.

Notes: Peony, Raspberry, Violet, Damascena Rose Essence, Vanilla, White Woods.

Disclaimer: bottle of Musicology The Rose generously provided by Fabien Boukobza. My opinions are my own.

Karl Topham, Senior Contributor

Musicology The Rose by Karl

Thanks to the generosity of Musicology we have a 95 ml bottle of The Rose for one registered reader in the EU UK & USA. To be eligible please leave a comment about what strikes you about Musicology The Rose, where you live, and if you are aware of Musicology. Draw closes 4/30/22

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