Meet Perfumehead, The Fragrance Fanatic’s Scent Brand – WWD

Meet Perfumehead, The Fragrance Fanatic’s Scent Brand – WWD

Turning passion into perfume wasn’t difficult for Brian Giles, the mind behind Perfumehead.

For the entrepreneur with a résumé that includes Too Faced and Benefit Cosmetics, it all started after a bout of COVID-19 took his sense of smell.

“After three months, when my sense of smell came back, I really began to appreciate and almost honor the lost art of our sense of smell,” Giles said. “We take scent for granted, and that was really the tipping point for developing and honing in on why I wanted to do perfume.”

The end result is Perfumehead, a luxury collection of seven extraits de parfum that will mark their retail debut on Violet Grey Sept. 12. Each one is priced at $425.

“I positioned the brand as luxury because I wanted the most beautiful notes, the most beautiful ingredients and a return to craftsmanship as well,” Giles said. “Everything is done by hand, and I wanted to be very deliberate about that.”

The brand is inspired by Giles’ time in Los Angeles, where he currently resides, with names like Hollywood Perfume (including notes of turkish rose, patchouli and amber) and Somewhere (with notes of palm leaves, lemon blossom and palo santo).

“It’s my own personal ‘osmocosm,’ which we talk about as being our scent universe,” Giles said. “I didn’t want L.A. to be a cliché, the sort of old Hollywood tropes. I wanted smells and emotions I feel from living here.”

To that end, Giles developed each one with a few factors in mind, from the time of day to the wearer’s mood. “It was about translating that into the notes we would choose, and how we would layer it,” Giles said. “I also wanted the fragrances to be at the highest possible level of perfume oils, and that’s why they’re all extraits.”

He also expects Perfumehead’s value proposition to resonate widely. Though Giles declined to quantify sales expectations, industry sources estimated the brand to reach $4 million in net sales for its first year on the market.

He eventually plans to expand the retail footprint, but noted that “when you launch with Violet Grey, there’s so many things that they do for you, starting with the Violet Code,” he said. “It’s getting the products into the right hands, and they’re a fantastic customer for a small brand.”

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