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L’Artisan Parfumeur has added two new fragrances to the La Botanique collection (formerly known as Natura Fabularis). Like the others in the series, 25 Obscuratio and 63 Crepusculum Mirabile were developed by perfumer Daphné Bugey, and the number represents the number of trials before the final formula.

25 Obscuratio ~ “An irresistible light. When ylang ylang petals turn even more intoxicating in union with the richness of vanilla bourbon from the island of Nosy Be in Madagascar. Those tiny flowers become dangerous amid dark wafts of patchouli.”

63 Crepusculum Mirabile ~ “A wild and hot night. This kind of night when you discover the true intensity of white flowers. Amplified by tonka bean and sandalwood, night is the time for jasmine petals to exude their carnal and voluptuous scent.”

L’Artisan Parfumeur 25 Obscuratio and 63 Crepusculum Mirabile are available in 75 Eau de Parfum, $245 each.

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