Incense, how do you? | Perfume Posse Let’s talk about incense

Incense, how do you? | Perfume Posse Let's talk about incense

Hi Posse, Recently on a faceBook perfume group one of my mates, Alice, asked about incense. There were so many questions running through my mind beyond what the initial question was. Do we use it? Does anyone have favourites? Is it a luxury or necessity? Do you use it for rituals? Does a certain countries incense call you more strongly? Is it a remembered scent from childhood? Do you buy expensive stuff or the $2 shop version? Does it make a difference? As you can read, mind blown. So I thought I’d bring the questions to you Dear Posse Reader.

Incense, how do you?

As with everything I love there is a small hoard of incenses in this apartment. Two drawers of my Mum’s Queen Anne entrance table. When we were growing up it was where scissors, tape, string, duct tape, stamps, rulers, biros and all the little things that need to be kept close to hand but there’s never enough room for in the kitchen drawers. Back then it was her pride & joy. Since she died I have neglected it terribly and the wood of the top has shrunk and split. It’s also incredibly beaten up from moving, cleaning, clumsiness etc etc. Still it’s beautiful and a happy reminder of both my childhood and mum.

This is the entrance to Jin and my bedroom, where it sits and gets a smile every time I pass it. The birds were another thing of my Mums, she bought them to Feng Shui our family home and hoped these two statues would help their tumultuous marriage. I like that the cranes are separate but together and obviously doing their love rituals, it’s a nice reminder when we go into our room. The colours aren’t very real here, somehow everything went a kind of beige.

Habits & Rituals

Below you’ll see the four incenses that I’m burning currently in the apartment. I’m fairly ritualistic with it and a bit superstitious. Some of you might have read this before on other posts or comments, soz.

On Monday after cleaning the house the last thing I do before making a cuppa and enjoying the cleanliness is light a candle and two sticks of incense. When lighting the candle I say, “Burn away all negative energy.” Then when lighting the incense from the candle I say, “Capture all negative energy and turn it into positive energy.” There are a Ganesh picture and a Jesus sculpture on one of the walls. I go and thank them for our amazing lives with my incense floating over them and ask that they keep my friends and loved ones safe and prosperous. Usually I also tell them to do better on some front like war, sickness, poverty or whatever is in the news. Then I wander the house making sure the incense smoke goes over and into everything repeating, “Capture all negative energy and turn it into positive energy.”

Yes, I know, it’s a bit cray cray. Don’t care. It’s unbelievably soothing, comforting and the place really does feel like it’s lighter and happier. Also, saying Thank You and then having a bit of a vent to the gods is relieving too.

What Am I Burning Lately?

I’m fairly certain most of you have smelled or owned Nag Champa. It’s always a reasonable price and smells so good to me. Full of memories of living in shared houses as a late teen and early adult.

The next one down in the pic is from a Korean Monastery set in the hills where we went with Jin’s parents.

The pink and green box with blossoms also came from a holiday but I have no recollection of the place. It’s a bummer because it has a particular scent that is different to all the other incenses I ever smelled.

Lastly an Indian Sandalwood incense. If memory serves (it may not) last time I was in India this came from a monastery in Shillong where the Dalai Lama was first brought from Tibet. This was before he settled in McLeodGanj. They smell good.

I wrote about Incense a few years ago too, Patty did a really interesting post on some incense fragrances based on the Notre Dame organ

LuckyScent always has an excellent Incense selection.

Surrender To Chance has an Incense Sampler that looks AMAZING!! Only five of the ten are in my collection. Now I’m suffering incense FOMO.

Do you have favourite incense? What are you using now? Incense perfumes?
Portia xx

Perfume Love for Everyone!

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