I wore Aldi unisex aftershave and it smells ‘just like’ £120 Tom Ford fragrance – Bethan Shufflebotham – Manchester Evening News

I wore Aldi unisex aftershave and it smells ‘just like’ £120 Tom Ford fragrance - Bethan Shufflebotham - Manchester Evening News

I’ve always been a fan of what’s considered more ‘masculine’ fragrances. Though the gender norms of perfume and aftershave has always completely baffled me.

I’m not convinced it’s necessary to label a scent as marketed to men, or women, but that’s a conversation for a different day.

But one thing that did pique my interest was that Aldi’s latest eau de toilette has been labelled as ‘unisex’.

Now I don’t think Aldi are the first to go genderless with fragrance. My favourite perfumery, Shay and Blue , have been doing it for years. But it was really nice to see it on the packaging when I picked it up in store.

That said, its online title and description does describe it as ‘a sophisticated scent for a sophisticated gentleman’, so there are some mixed messages.

The fragrance comes in a sleek black bottle design

The Pure Noir fragrance comes in a sleek black bottle with a silver lid, priced at £5.99. However it’s been so popular, it’s already sold out online.

I found the scent to be spicy and somewhat seductive, yet fresh and uplifting. Upon spraying, it offers an intense burst of fragrance before settling down for a more subtle scent.

On my first day wearing the unisex scent, both of my parents quizzed me on the scent, and my boyfriend asked me to pick him a bottle up on my next Aldi trip, too.

During our double date with friends, they asked what I was wearing and were floored that it was less than £6 from the supermarket.

It’s safe to say that the cruelty-free scent has made its way into my everyday collection, alongside the Pomegranate scent that’s £3.99 from Home Bargains.

Other shoppers have fallen in love with the fragrance, with one saying it’s a dupe of a £120 Tom Ford scent.

One shopper said: “I bought this for my 15-year-old to replace the dreadful Lynx body spray. I didn’t expect it to be so nice. Similar to Dior Savage, however it’s actually really well blended and it doesn’t smell “cheap”.

“It doesn’t last long so it’s better sprayed on skin and on clothes to extend the longevity of this fragrance. However, with this price tag and balanced composition I’m not mad about its performance. My teen can now spray away without offending anyone.”

Another added: “A really upmarket fragrance. I wafted through the house wearing it on Christmas Day and even the dog sat up and took notice. The fragrance lasted all day! Yet another triumph from ALDI.”

“This perfume is a dead ringer for Tom Ford Black Orchid which I love,” said a third. “Beautiful smell and only £5.99 for 100ml. No wonder it is out of stock now. What a bargain.”

I found the fragrance did linger for most of the day, but if you like a more intense scent, you might want to top up your perfume throughout the day.

But for the price, this designer-inspired scent is a great alternative to high end brands.

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