Guilty Gear FairyTail Perfume Lets You Finally Know The Smell Of The Game

Guilty Gear FairyTail Perfume Lets You Finally Know The Smell Of The Game

Perfume brand FairyTail has launched a Guilty Gear collaboration, sporting scents based on all your favorite Guilty Gear characters.

Not all of these scents are entirely new- the Sol and Ky perfumes were actually released last year, but they’ll be repackaged as part of this new line featuring  and Ramlethal Valentine.

That being said, the re-released versions will come in 50ml bottles, though the 30ml from last year’s release will also be available for purchase.

Each Guilty Gear Perfume is available for 3520 Yen (RM115) , and you can read about where to get them from the Fairytail website.

Here’s the description for each of the character perfumes, from the website:

Sol Badguy

This smoky fragrance is reminiscent of the dynamic battle style of the Sol Bad Guy, who strikes with a pillar of fire.
The refreshing scent of lemon and cinnamon bark at the top, which is typical of men’s perfumes, conveys a rugged masculinity that is shown through actions rather than words, and is full of charm that naturally attracts people to its back.

Top notes: lemon, cinnamon bark.
Middle notes: tobacco accord, vanilla, cocoa
Last notes: patchouli, musk, sandalwood

Ky Kiske

A soft yet floral fragrance based on the spirit of devotion of Kai Kiske, who protected the weak with his sword in his hand.
The softly fragrant Earl Grey scent reminds us of his tenderness as a father who loves his family and as a king who cares for his people, while the lemon, jasmine and musk scents at the edges remind us of the sharpness of the thunderbolt he unleashes.

Top notes: bergamot, lemon.
Middle notes: black tea, jasmine, rose.
Last notes: tonka bean, vanilla, musk.

Ramlethal Valentine

This is a white musk fragrance with an unmixed whiteness, inspired by Ramlethal Valentine
The clear, tranquil scent of jasmine and lily of the valley gradually gives way to a warm musk fragrance. It expresses the gradual opening of Ramlethal’s heart.

Top notes: red thyme, jasmine and peony.
Middle notes: powder, white freesia, lily of the valley.
Last notes: white musk, suede and spices.

Jack-O Valentine

A fruity floral fragrance inspired by Jack O.
The sweet, lovely, citrusy, innocent fragrance transforms into a floral scent of iris and magnolia, reminiscent of an adult woman.

Top notes: kumquatsedge, yuzu and jasmine.
Middle notes: iris, apricot and magnolia.
Last notes: musk and cedarwood.

Guilty Gear Strive
Publisher: Arc System Works
Developer: Arc System Works
Release Date: 2021-06-11
PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam
Experience the thrill of battle with the in-depth mechanics and gorgeous animations of Guilty Gear -Strive-, the latest entry in the cutting edge Guilty Gear series!

– Graphics so stunning they look like hand-drawn animation!

Graphical advances make for a game so beautiful it could be mistaken for hand-drawn animation. The new generation of graphics are a delight for the eyes down to the tiniest detail!

– The cutting edge of the fighting game genre!

We set out with the goal to innovate the fighting game genre with this title. This game appeals to a wider audience, while maintaining the deep game mechanics that define the Guilty Gear series. The complex mechanics such as the dramatic new wall break system create opportunities for the mind games associated with fighting games. One clash after the next tells a story unique to each battle!

– Their fates come to a conclusion!

The story of Guilty Gear has been told over more than 20 years. At long last, each character’s fate comes to a conclusion! What shocking truth awaits them?

Content of the Ultimate Edition :
– Guilty Gear -Strive-
– Guilty Gear -Strive- : Season Pass 1
– Guilty Gear -Strive- : Soundtrack and Artbook
– Guilty Gear -Strive- : Ultimate Edition Special Colours

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