Fragrance CognoScenti, Fitness Enthusiast & a Certified Fine Boy… Here’s Deji’s Life Before #BBNaija

Fragrance CognoScenti, Fitness Enthusiast & a Certified Fine Boy… Here’s Deji’s Life Before #BBNaija

During the third live show in the Big Brother Naija Level Up season, in a not-so-surprising turn of events, we were introduced to a hottie whose name is Deji.

He immediately became a topic of conversation on social media, particularly among women. We then began a search to learn more about him.

We found out a few things about him before going into Biggie’s house. When Deji isn’t busy being a social butterfly, you can find him on Instagram flaunting his extensive scent collection or savouring his favourite cuisine of all time: pounded yam and veggies.

Here’s how Deji describes himself, according to his LinkedIn page, he is a

Self-motivated, enthusiastic and hard-working personnel with the utmost experience in Hospital, Industrial, Community and Clinical Pharmaceutical environments, possessing vast knowledge in medical and manufacturing procedures and terminologies. Collaborative and customer-focused with the ability to partner with multi-disciplinary teams to discuss vital work related procedures which includes; Medications and potential drug interactions, good Quality Management System, Internal Auditing, cGMP, ISO 9001 regulations, amongst others. Possesses superb set of diverse skills equally balanced in both the medical and scientific fields. A recognized leader, consistently rewarded with greater levels of responsibility due to a demonstrated commitment to achieve organizational objectives. Proven record of success in work environment.

Here are a few things we found out about Deji before he entered the BBNaija Level Up house:

Deji, the 9-5 Bro

Just out here doing my bit to save the world🦺

— Deji BBN7 (@Deji_Morafa) February 5, 2022

— Deji BBN7 (@Deji_Morafa) November 1, 2021

First day of new job,

— Deji BBN7 (@Deji_Morafa) July 26, 2021

Race against summer time 😤🏋🏽‍♂️

— Deji BBN7 (@Deji_Morafa) April 16, 2022

— Deji BBN7 (@Deji_Morafa) March 23, 2022

Doing double shift at the gym because SUMMER!

— Deji BBN7 (@Deji_Morafa) March 23, 2022

— Deji BBN7 (@Deji_Morafa) March 10, 2022

Deji, the Fragrance Boy 

How it started. How it’s going.

— Deji BBN7 (@Deji_Morafa) April 8, 2022

Scent of the day: Terroni by Orto Parisi #fragrancespace

— Deji BBN7 (@Deji_Morafa) March 2, 2022

Happy Sunday. Made a TikTok video with my babies today 😌 #fragrance

Wearing these babies to the gym

— Deji BBN7 (@Deji_Morafa) February 25, 2022

Scent of the day is Au Coeur Du Dèsert by Tauer Perfumes

— Deji BBN7 (@Deji_Morafa) February 15, 2022

Good morning 😌. This is how my bedside looks like if you are wondering 🛌😴💤. #FragranceSpace

— Deji BBN7 (@Deji_Morafa) February 12, 2022

Colleague: how come you came late to work today?

Me: I was busy with some house chores

— Deji BBN7 (@Deji_Morafa) January 25, 2022

— Deji BBN7 (@Deji_Morafa) January 18, 2022

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