Firmenich Group’s Agilex Fragrances Joins ISNetworld®! – JJ Safety

Firmenich Group's Agilex Fragrances Joins ISNetworld®! - JJ Safety

Agilex Fragrances, a company of the Firmenich Group, is a leading provider of fragrance compounds and delivery systems serving mid-sized customers. Headquartered in Piscataway, New Jersey, the company possesses leading creative and technical capabilities for the customers it serves, which are primarily manufacturers of Air Care, Home Care, Personal Care, Fine Fragrance, and Industrial & Institutional products throughout the United States.

Firmenich acquired Agilex Fragrances in 2017 as a stand-alone company offering the highest quality fragrances. In 2018 Firmenich appointed Mathias Hemberger as President of Agilex Fragrances. Later that year, Agilex Fragrances acquired Fragrance West based out of Los Angeles. In 2020 Cheryl Morano was named new President of Agilex Fragrances. Today Agilex Fragrances continues to grow and will now use ISNetworld® as their main contractor management platform. 

ISNetworld® is an established player in the contractor management industry. Currently with over 700 hiring clients and 70,000+ contractors. 

Contractors who perform work for Agilex Fragrances will need to sign up with ISNetworld®. For companies who are already signed up with ISN®, there is no additional fee. However, contractors should ensure that they are linked up with Firmenich within ISNetworld®. For Contractors who are new to ISN®, there is a fee, but Firmenich believes the benefits will far outweigh the costs. 

Contractors will need to complete the following information within ISNetworld® to continue working for Agilex Fragrances:

Contractors will have until April 8, 2022 to gain compliance in order to be considered in the contractor selection process. 

If you need help gaining compliance with Firmenich (Agilex Fragrances), JJ Safety has the experience and expertise to help you get approved in ISNetworld®. 

How JJ Safety can help

JJ Safety assists contractors with certification and compliance in platforms like ISNetworld®, Avetta®, Veriforce, ConstructSecure and many others. We have helped over 6000 contractors get qualified with their customers. If you need to gain compliance and certification with Firmenich(Agilex Fragrances) in ISN®, here’s how JJ Safety can help. 

Call 866-627-3850 or email to learn more about how we can help.

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