Bst Aphrodisiac Perfumes For Men

Bst Aphrodisiac Perfumes For Men

Is it his style, his manners or his perfume? 

Every woman reading this will agree that a man’s choice of fragrance says a lot about his personality. 

While some notes can make you smell dark and moody, some others are more erotic in nature. One such fragrance is sandalwood. 

Here are nine sandalwood fragrances for men that are all things seductive and are sure to get your partner in the mood. 

This perfume has a blend of earthy and woody base notes like sandalwood, musk, oakmoss and vetiver. A bold and masculine scent, this perfume smells like a night out in nature. It’s a bold fragrance that’s perfect for the midnight hours. 

Refreshing aquatic notes work brilliantly with sandalwood. This fragrance is a blend of sweet, woody notes of sandalwood, vetiver as well as bergamot, ylang and jasmine. As crisp as a tropical breeze and as intoxicating as a glass of wine, your date night will surely be elevated if you wear this scent. 

This perfume is irresistible, seductive and long-lasting. It has base notes of amber, sandalwood, musk and oakmoss, heart notes of pineapple, jasmine and rose and top notes of cumin, bergamot and lemon. The unique blend of sweet, woody and citrus scents is sure to leave a strong impression on your date. 

Take a deep dive into the refreshing notes of this fragrance. It offers a blend of aquatic top notes, earthy heart notes and woody base notes. A unique accord of erotic and seductive aromas, this perfume is a must have in every man’s collection. 

It’s time to embrace your dark side with one of the best evening fragrance for men. Be it an after party or a dinner date, this perfume is all that you need to make a strong impression. A perfect blend of spicy and woody notes, this perfume will make you smell like a dark mystery. 

Beardo Whiskey Smoke EDP 

Want to smell irresistibly attractive? Well, this perfume is all that you need. It has a blend of woody and smokey notes that smell elegant as well as seductive. With base notes of sandalwood, leather and patchouli, this strong fragrance will last all night long. 

A premium date night perfume, this fragrance is mysterious and masculine. A long lasting accord of sandalwood, patchouli, ginger, jasmine and citrus, this perfume is versatile and perfect for day as well as night time. 

Sweet and earthy notes blend seamlessly in this sensual fragrance. It has spicy top notes, citrusy middle notes and woody base notes. Just a couple of spritzes of this perfume and you’re ready to spice up your date night. 

Inspired by the aquatic, tropical notes, this perfume is all things romantic and refreshing. A blend of light fruity notes and dark woody ones, this fragrance is one of a kind, just like the one you’ll be wearing it for. 

The formula to make a strong impression on a woman is simple. Just polish up a little bit and don’t forget to choose the right fragrance for the right occasion. She may forget where you went or what you did, but she’ll never forget what you smelt like. 

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