Best Easter perfumes

Best Easter perfumes

 Perfumer Sherri Sebastian  as a young girl during Easter and today 

Have you ever had that sinking feeling…? of seeing someone else get credit for something you created or discovered first? I remember the first time I experienced that feeling. It was Easter Sunday 1974, and I was at church with my grandmother.  It was a beautiful spring day, and after the service I joined the other children there for the annual Easter Egg hunt.  There were many brightly colored eggs hidden throughout the yard, but the ultimate goal was to find the one and only golden egg.

First United Presbyterian Church of Rennerdale, where the Easter egg hunt took place.

As we lined up waiting for it to begin I could feel the excitement building around me. When the person in charge yelled “Ready, set, GO!” everyone took off running in all directions on a mission to find the golden egg. Everyone, that is, except me. Momentarily frozen by the commotion, I began slowly walking out to the middle of the lawn. Even back then, I had a strong desire for calm, beautiful environments.  As the other children frantically searched for the golden egg I was transfixed by the perfectly manicured lawn with its vivid green grass, bordered with bright yellow daffodils. Then I looked up. Lo and behold, there it was—the precious golden egg— delicately balanced on the branch of a tree overhead. I remember having the sensation that someone was staring at me. I quickly turned to see a young boy with his gaze fixed upon me, then watched as he retraced my own gaze all the way up to my prized discovery. Before I could move he ran to the tree, climbed it, and grabbed the golden egg.  Within minutes, he was claiming the chocolate Easter bunny prize.

 Easter Lilies from Sherri’s garden 4/15/2022

My stomach sank as I watched him celebrate his victory. “Did no one see what just happened?” I thought to myself. He won because of my observation. Doesn’t that count for something? Since he was able to quickly climb the tree and get the egg before me, he won fair and square according the the rules. But I saw it first. On the way home I wrestled with my upset and refused my grandmother’s offer to buy me a chocolate bunny as a consolation. It’s such a silly childhood story in a way, but it underscores the importance of persistence and pressing on in the face of defeat. It also impressed upon me the importance guarding my heart and my ideas, and the value of right timing.

Golden Eggs on Provision packaging designed by Edward Leida

I’d virtually forgotten about that incident until a few years ago, when I was developing my brand PROVISION. I chose this name with the mission of providing exceptional products from a professional perspective. For the logo and packaging, I commissioned a well-known NYC designer, Edward Leida.  He was the VP Design Director at Barneys New York for many years and his work is absolutely stunning.  I gave him full creative rein, providing no marketing direction other than the name and that it would be a collection luxurious basics.  I’ll never forget the day when he called and said, “Are you sitting down in front of your computer?” He was ready to show me his concept, explaining that he’d tried many ideas, but only one kept coming back to him.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the file to see a golden egg on the screen! I had never shared my childhood story with Edward so it was true synchronicity that he proposed a golden egg to be part of my new logo and packaging design.  The symbolic nature of an egg perfectly matched my vision for creating products complete in their purpose. Ones that performed and transformed the senses.

Today, it still moves me when I think about how all of this came together.  And it makes me glad to know that with perseverance and passion anyone can get their golden egg.

Sherri Sebastian, Contributing Editor for Notes from The Lab and Perfumer of Provision Scents

Connection Lip Rescue by PROVISION and Chocolate Easter Bunny Sarris (photo credit

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Happy Easter (and Passover) to all who celebrate!

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