Bath & Body Works 3 Wick Candle reviews in Home Fragrance – ChickAdvisor

Bath & Body Works 3 Wick Candle reviews in Home Fragrance - ChickAdvisor

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Love the selection!

I am a serious candle addict and I have tried many of the Bath and Body Works candles. The scents are strong and will linger a while after you stop burning th3 candle. BUT you do end up burning through the candle rather quickly. For me personally, wait until sales to get a great deal like buy 2, get 1 free.

Great candles

Bath and Bath Works candles are a big favorite of mine. I love the different variety of scents and how strongly scents they are! They burn great and the jars are reusable! If you’re not sure of the scent, they sell single wick candles which are great to test out a scent rather than purchasing the larger 3 wick candle. My only con is that they do not have Canadian website we can order from…I really hope they do one soon.

I love these candles. There are so many different scents for the seasons and the designs are so pretty. They have a very strong scent that makes your whole house smell great. Love them at Christmas time.

Fantastic candles, we love all of their candles well 99% of them..! The odd one being too strong for me personally but they are GREAT!
Highly recommend

I love all the presentations in this candles . I wish they have more coupons and discount in stores . They are so good for present o birthdays gift

I only buy candles for bath and body works. All of their candles smell amazing, I have not found one I dont like yet. They also last awhile compared to other candles

This is the best ever candles bought for the price
Never had trouble with
I love love love
I bought tons of them because they smell sooooo good
I no longer buy clair de lune because i had a bad experience with their candles explosions and container caught on fire now im with bath and body work will buy for the rest of my life until it no longer exsist

. They last forever

these candles is amazing. They last forever, The scents are fantastic, especially the summer scents. Definitely a little pricey, so watch for coupons or sales!
I have found some fragrances and I loved

Go-To Candle!

While the full price of this product can be quite high (CA$25) BBW has frequent sales so you can walk away with many different scents! I love how well these candles burn and fill a room with a beautiful scent!

Wisconsin, United States

Used to be a die hard BBW buyer

BBW needs to reevaluate their sales and coupon deals and also get with the times on their ridiculous shipping costs.
I used to buy from them all the time, exclusively and i still love some of their scents but they run sales prices that require a coupon code and then they run free shipping deals that also require a coupon code. Only 1 at a time is allowed to be used. Do you either get the “deal” which isn’t a deal because shipping will be added or you get free shipping while still paying the full prices for candles. If I’m spending hundreds of dollars free shipping is usually thrown in at some point with any other big chain store. Also their prices are getting too much for poor quality going down hill. Wicks dont even burn all the way down. You can find better small business owned candles.

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