7 Best Perfumes for Moon Viewing – Bois de Jasmin

7 Best Perfumes for Moon Viewing - Bois de Jasmin

Mid-Autumn Festival is on Saturday, September 10th, and I already envision brewing a pot of tea and admiring the full moon in the evening. Some years the weather doesn’t cooperate, and the temptress moon hides behind the clouds, but when it reveals its full splendor, the effect is magnificent. The pearly moonlight makes the sleeping city shimmer and the skies turn a deep blue color, with soft whispers of grey.

My moon-viewing is incomplete without mooncakes, pastries filled with lotus seed paste or red beans, and an appropriate perfume. The latter is particularly important to set the ambiance and add more magic to my evening. Below are my seven choices, for both men and women.

Armani Privé Pierre de Lune 

Iris petals in a celadon cup is the vignette painted by Pierre de Lune, an elegant, polished fragrance. Of course, the essence of iris comes from the rhizomes of the orris plant, and Pierre de Lune features the classical rooty, green iris, but at the same time, it evokes the softness of petals. This sheer composition shimmers and floats, and being delicate, it’s ideal for my moon-viewing evening.

The citrus-basil shimmer of the top notes gives way to the warm backdrop of woods. It’s reminiscent of driftwood on the beach, with violet adding a dark, inky note. The refined character of Voyage makes it an ideal partner to a cup of oolong tea.

Arquiste Indigo Smoke

A brand-new fragrance from Arquiste, Indigo Smoke blends dark lapsang souchong tea with vetiver and incense. A fruity touch of apricot and carrot add a bright twist, while guaiac woods lend a smoky rose nuance. A perfect fragrance for Mid-Autumn festival, even if the moon might be shrouded in clouds and rain.

Dior Bois d’Argent

Iris and incense, Bois d’Argent evokes the play of moonlight on water. An elegant composition, with a lingering sillage.

A fragrance that invites reveries. Mitsouko is an autumnal beauty that smells of fallen leaves, late rains and spicy chrysanthemums. It glows so warmly on skin under a layer of cashmere, and it makes me want to have a moon-viewing ritual every night, full moon or not.

What would you select to admire the moon?

Photography by Bois de Jasmin

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